Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm Talkin' Bout Pound Notes, Loose Change, Bad Checks, Anything.

Didn't I say the first time I ever posted anything here that everything is about Terrell Owens?

Well, T.O. has stormed out of Eagles' training camp after arguing with Andy Reid. Which in itself is not all that surprising. But, according to ESPN, he was 'asked to leave' by the coach.

Now, T.O. must have done or said something pretty fucked to get kicked out of camp when the Eagles are already down one starting receiver, even if that receiver is only Todd Pinkston.

The other thing is that Drew Rosenhaus hasn't said anything yet. Which is sort of odd for him. This may end very badly. Terrell may have finally talked his way out of town, ala Freddie Mitchell.

This is fucked. Is it just me or are things starting out very badly this season? I think I may finally be getting hit with Philly pessimism. What the shit?

Edited: He's kicked out of camp for seven days. Eskin is losing his shit, saying some nonsense about picking up Tai Streets, which is hilarious.


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