Friday, August 12, 2005

There is Technically No Reason to Hate on Mike Jones...His Songs are Inspirational.

I can't help being a little obsessed with Mike Jones' 'Fuck Racism' campaign. It's bringing out the crazies.

This Post, from Jazzi LaBelle a/k/a Badd B!tch, is my favorite. This paragraph exemplifies everything that's bad about the internet:

Dis Is Sumtin Dat HAS To Be A Rasied As A Very Important Issue cause well We Will Never Live For Ever And So If We Spend Most Of Our Life Fighting By Ourself Against Rasim We Will Never Get To Xpercne All That Thurr Is To Xpence In Life So 4Real Damn What Da Fuck Do Whites Have Agisnt Blacks????? Damn But 4real Not ALL Whites Are But Thurr Are Still A Bunch Out Thurr Who Are Cause Why I Get Theatin E-Mails Say Shyt Like Ima Hunt Chu Down And Kill ; U Ugly Negro

Jazzi LaBelle

Not trying to make light of any threating e-mails you may have received, but: Speak a language, girl! It doesn't have to be english, but you must be able to speak it with human tongues. If all you have to say is 'racism is bad,' then don't say anything else. Badd B!tch, I hope, for your sake, that someone eventually comes to love you.

For real though, everybody, no more hatin'.


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