Friday, August 05, 2005

Welcome to the Occupation.

So this is a web log. I, having been relatively uninterested in internet culture until I found myself in a job where web access was plentiful, am still slightly resistant to using the word 'blog,' but will nonetheless refer to this page as such. Because web log, or online journal, just sounds retarded, or faggoty, or queer. This is 'We Need Somebody to Burn.' The blog. It's all about offending retards, faggots and queers.

I started writing a blog on MySpace, which was fun. My sporadic publishing should have made the thought of authoring a more detailed, independent blog, ridiculous. But here I am. I'll try to add bits and pieces every day or so. The focus is not on me. The word/letter 'I' has appeared in this post more than it will in any subsequent one. Probably. That may change if something interesting ever happens to me. And even then, would you care? You'd rather hear about Mike Jones.

To that effect, WNStB (I've coined the nick, motherfuckers!) will be about other people. Famous ones. Or music. Or shit that's on the TV (e.g., 'Did you see Best Week Ever last week? It was the best Best Week Ever ever.'). Or government. Or Terrell Owens. Actually, like all things, it's mostly about T.O.

Also, since no one will know this even exists yet, I might as well tell you all there's a party at my house tonight. Bring everyone you know. We'll get stinko.


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